What’s the deal with the new Google Analytics? 

Google Analytics is the top, most comprehensive platform for tracking usage and interaction with businesses online, and in a few short weeks (GA4), will be the only version available to businesses. This new generation of analytics allows business owners and marketers to analyze key customer usage metrics, not just track traffic. Through the powers of AI and machine learning, GA4 tracks the entire customer path across multiple platforms to provide more comprehensive insights into how users interact with your website. 

We’ll go over:

  • What Google Analytics is and why you need it for your business
  • Why Universal Analytics is being replaced
  • Getting started with GA4 and how to find useful data about your website
  • Touch on some advanced features to get a feel for the future capabilities
  • Includes a Live demo with hands on report review of real business examples

Let us help you maximize the data driving your business decisions.